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Stuck With Us

Welcome to Stuck With Us! A blog full of the good, the bad and the ugly. Read our stories, laugh with us, take a peek into my mom life that is powered by Diet Coke, find out why my husband hates Pinterest, shop some good deals with us and hopefully find some courage to face the tough stuff in your life.

The Hole in the Ceiling

Ever feel like everything around you is falling apart? We have had one of those weeks at our house. Only one of the three toilets in our house is working the way it's supposed to, the fridge is making a mysterious clicking noise, our garage door broke, the antilock...

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Happy 5th Birthday Tate

Happy Birthday little guy, today you would be 5! Dear Tate, There are so many special moments I have with you, but the one that keeps popping in my mind today is our Mommy and Tate dance parties. After we would get Lexi and Hunter off to school I used to take you home...

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Good Things to Come

After the loss of a loved one everyone has a talk, a book or an article that they feel is perfect for those that are grieving. The gesture does not go unnoticed and is very appreciated. We were so grateful to know people were thinking of us as they tried to make sense...

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Our Little Princess

Our Little Princess turns nine today! Lexi made us parents and we will forever be grateful that she is in our family. Here are five things that make Lexi tick and make us love her so much! Intelligent Lexi learned to talk at a very young age and has been sharing her...

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Bless All The Dear Children In Thy Tender Care

Back when I was serving a mission for my church I jokingly volunteered myself and another Elder to sing a duet at our missions Christmas devotional. Despite our pleadings that this was a horrible idea and that we were just joking, they put us on the program. Elder...

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Tate Timothy Jacobson Life Sketch

Brandi and I went to our 20-week ultrasound full of excitement to find out the gender of our baby. Nothing could have prepared us for the news we received that day. We found out that Tate was missing his left hand, and there could be other complications as well as...

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Our Little Sunshine

After Tate passed away Travis and I decided that we were not going to have anymore kids. We just thought that it would be too hard emotionally and we could never go there. Lucky for us, Heavenly Father had other plans! We only had Tate here on earth for about 18...

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How Can I Help My Grieving Friend?

Brandi and I hear this question all the time and we wish we had better advice for those that are brave enough to reach out. The problem is, everyone grieves differently. There is no answer to this question that will help everyone that is grieving. Ultimately, what we...

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