Clint the Cancer Warrior – Thanks for Living Stronger Everyday!

6.30bRecently I learned of a man fighting cancer named Clint, known as Clint the Cancer Warrior. I was immediately drawn to him and his family as they are fighting this fight together. I am grateful I was able to find their?blog and read about their difficult journey. They have been through so much, yet they are so strong and valiant in their fight.

Clint returned to his heavenly Father this past week and my heart aches for their family. I don’t know Clint, but I know that he will be a Warrior while watching over a wife and three children from the other side.

In a recent post on their blog, Clint’s wife Kamilla said:

Some people don’t “beat” cancer by getting rid of it….some people “beat” it by HOW they live WITH it….and I’m honored to be along Clint’s side as he kicks it’s trash everyday!

What an amazing attitude in the face of extreme adversity. The Bauer family is Living Stronger every day and are a great example for others to follow!

I wish there was more we could do to help the Bauer family as they grieve their temporary separation. It will hurt and it will take time to heal. That is what happens when we love so deeply.

If you are able to help out, you can visit their website and make a donation to help their family during this difficult time.

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