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Stuck With Us

Welcome to Stuck With Us! A blog full of the good, the bad and the ugly. Read our stories, laugh with us, take a peek into my mom life that is powered by Diet Coke, find out why my husband hates Pinterest, shop some good deals with us and hopefully find some courage to face the tough stuff in your life.

Our Last Night Together

How I wish I could turn back the time and go back to April 10th, 2013. Looking back there are so many things I would have done differently. We lost Tate very early in the morning on April 11th, 2013. Brandi woke up in the middle of the night to his Angel Mat alarm...

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Little Dude’s Turkey Bowl / Football Party

My son loves football (like instead of sleeping with a stuffed animal he holds a football- he is obsessed), so a backyard football game has become his favorite kind of football party! We have done this for a birthday party, a football party for his team and even for a...

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The Hunter’s Wife

How I became the hunter's wife... I was seventeen years old and headed to a girls choice high school dance. I was doubling with a friend and we went to pick up her date first. I pulled into the driveway and my friend hopped out of the car to go pick up her date. So...

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Pancake Party

Summer nights are my favorite! I love having all the neighborhood kids over running around in the backyard but feeding them all can be a challenge. How do you feed a lot of kids and actually fill their tummies up without blowing your grocery budget for the month...the...

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Must Have Summer Hat – Wildberry Waves

I am so excited for summer! I love the long days, warm nights and soaking up some serious sun by the pool ALL day long. But, my horrible skin cancer experience has taught me how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. This doesn't mean that I stay inside...

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Looking for the perfect teacher appreciation gift? Teaching preschool this year has given me a whole new respect and appreciation for teachers! I knew that teachers were super important and I was very grateful for them. But, now I have a better understanding of just...

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ABC News Special on Skin Cancer

My amazing facial plastic surgeon, Doctor Steven Mobley, asked me to go on the news with him for a skin cancer special ABC was doing. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know if I wanted the world to see the pictures of my face with a big hole in it. But, then I...

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Bitter or Better

I love a story with a happy ending, but WARNING the story from April 11th, 2013 does not have a happy ending. Our older two children had been sick for a couple of days. The throwing up kind of sick that is a complete mess of laundry stacked to the ceiling and empty...

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Getting Brave

A few weeks ago I watched my nine-year-old daughter stand up in front of a huge church congregation and share her experience of the night that her baby brother died. It was incredible to watch her confidence and poise as she stood in front of all these people and told...

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