I am so excited for summer! I love the long days, warm nights and soaking up some serious sun by the pool ALL day long. But, my horrible skin cancer experience has taught me how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. This doesn’t mean that I stay inside all summer long and deprive myself of all the summer things I love, instead I just sport a few more accessories than I used to. My favorite is a cute summer hat!

Must Have Summer Hat

I live in hats during the summer! If I am swimming, hiking or playing ball with my kids I am wearing a hat to protect my face from the sun. (Okay, it could be because I didn’t have time to do my hair too!) But seriously, if you don’t do it for the fear of getting skin cancer, do it to protect your future self from wrinkles. Right?

Lucky for you I have found the cutest, most stylish, affordable, fun hats that are a must-have for a summer filled with sun! They are from Wildberry Waves and the minute I found them I fell in love.

Must Have Summer HatWildberry Waves has so many designs to choose from: palm trees, pineapples, beach, Disney, all things Mom and Diet Coke. No wonder I fell in love, it’s like they took all my favorite things and designed hats for them! The best part is the hats come in Adult and Kids sizes. Summer hats for everyone! Check them out here.

Must Have Summer Hat

May is Skin Cancer awareness month. Let this be your friendly reminder from your friend who had Melanoma…go buy yourself a cute summer hat and protect that beautiful face of yours!! Use coupon code: STUCKWITHUS for $4 off your new hat.

Love the sun, prevent the skin cancer!