Pancake Party

Summer nights are my favorite! I love having all the neighborhood kids over running around in the backyard but feeding them all can be a challenge. How do you feed a lot of kids and actually fill their tummies up without blowing your?grocery budget for the month…the answer is a Pancake Party!

The Pancake Party has become a tradition at our house. My kids love it and I?love how easy it is, but still seems so special to them. It lets my kids know that I want to get to know their friends and it lets all their friends know that they are welcome in our home. I have learned so many things by talking to my kids and their friends while flipping pancakes for them, trust me it’s magical!

How to throw a Pancake Party:

Always keep a bag of pancake mix and some syrup in your pantry, so you are ready to throw a Pancake Party at any time. That’s right, Pancake Parties can happen morning, noon or night!

My secret weapon is this awesome Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer my kids got me for Mother’s Day. It’s like a blender bottle and takes all the messiness out of making pancakes. Just pour some mix into the Pancake Mixer, add water, shake and pour the most perfect shaped pancakes onto your griddle effortlessly. It’s seriously a game changer for making pancakes.

When all the kids come running inside ready to raid your pantry, cut them off and ask them if they want to have a “Pancake Party”. And chances are if you offer kids a “Pancake Party” they are going to love you forever!! (One of my favorite books to read at preschool!)

Also, if you have some whipped cream to add you will be the coolest Mom on the block!

When you are done just thrown the Pancake Mixer in the dishwasher…yep, dishwasher safe things are my FAVORITE!?

Wishing you all many Pancake Parties this summer! I promise they are magical!