Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

teacher appreciation gift

Looking for the perfect?teacher appreciation gift?

Teaching preschool this year has given me a whole new respect and appreciation for teachers! I knew that teachers were super important and I was very grateful for them. But, now I have a better understanding of just how hard their jobs really are. Teachers spend a huge amount of time with our kids and they spend a huge amount of time thinking about our kids when they are not with them. They have to be on point ALL the time, ready to handle whatever emotion our kids decide to throw at them that day. If you think parenting is harder than you thought it would be, try being a teacher. It’s like parenting on steroids, because not only do you have to deal with the kids…you have to deal with the kid’s parents too!!

Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching preschool and I?adore the kids that I teach. Teaching is rewarding for sure! But, as a parent, I am taking “teacher appreciation” much more seriously now.

Fast & easy teacher gift:

Here is my fast & easy, but still something your teacher will love Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea. A Swig gift card and some cute emoji post-it notes. When you get your?Swig gift card make sure to ask them to put it in a cute cup, that way you don’t have to wrap anything or buy a card to go with it. You can write your own note on the Swig card or have your kids write a little note to their teacher.

I found these cute emoji post-it notes at Target for $2.39 in the office supply section (FYI there are 2 post-it pads in one package). Or if you don’t want to make a Target run…what am I saying? who would ever NOT want to make a Target run? But, if you don’t want to be sucked into all the lovely things that are calling your?name to buy at Target, you can buy the emoji post-it notes on Amazon too. You could also switch out the swig gift card for a cute tumbler if you know your teacher is not a soda person. But, you may want to tell your teacher that a Diet Coke after a long day of teaching is a little piece of heaven!

So simple and cute! Great gift idea for the people who work so hard for our children. And if you missed teacher appreciation week at your kid’s school, don’t worry I’m pretty sure teachers would love this gift anytime during the school year!

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