Some days are better than others…

Several years ago we bought the domain name and we were going to do a similar website to this one. At the time we were learning all about feeding tubes and planning how to do various activities with our amazing son with one hand. Then our whole world blew up as we lost Tate. We decided to let the domain name expire as we didn’t want to get used to crazy if that is what it entailed. As we fought to find meaning without our son, we learned we needed to just try and Live Stronger than the day before. We have learned as we try and live stronger everyday that some days are better than others. Recently we have had some rough ones.

A couple of months ago Brandi had a little mole removed from her cheek. The dermatologist we went to said it was nothing and that she should keep it because it looked cute. Brandi was very uneasy and insisted that it be removed. She met with a Plastic Surgeon and had it removed. They sent it off for further testing?to make sure it was okay. There was a very slim chance they would find anything bad about it. If you know us, we only need a slim chance.

Several Dr’s around the country have been trying to make sense of the cells they are seeing. We met with an Oncologist while Brandi was 8 months pregnant and she recommended that we remove a lymph node and perform a biopsy on it. We decided to wait to have the surgery until after Ali was born (Which is an awesome story for another day. She is amazing and such a blessing to our Family!). A couple of weeks ago Brandi went in for surgery to have the lymph node removed. They ended up taking some more skin from her cheek where the mole was as it was testing positive for bad cells during surgery. Then the waiting game began as we awaited the results from the biopsy.

This past week Brandi was diagnosed with?stage 3 melanoma on her cheek. She should make a quick and full recovery, but they are concerned because the bad cells had made their way to her lymph node. Brandi had another surgery this past Friday to prepare her skin for the reconstruction surgery that will take place next Friday. Brandi is pretty young to be getting a face lift, but that is the procedure they will be performing to repair the damage in her cheek. While they are in there our Oncologist will also remove the remaining lymph nodes in the affected area.

Even though we don’t necessarily like it, we are getting used to our new crazy. She will have a full body scan this week to make sure there aren’t any other concerns. As long as the scan comes back clear she should be on her way to recovery after her next surgery. I don’t like to ever see Brandi in pain, but?I do love my new role within our home of taking care of Brandi. She has spent a lifetime taking care of others and now is my chance to prove to her that I could be a really good nurse.

Needless to say, Brandi has had better days. At the same time, she has also had worse days. Please send your prayers in the direction of this beautiful babe!

Brandi Jacobson

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  1. I too am amazed and grateful for your faith and courage. My heart is being poured out in prayer for Brandi and the whole family! We love you guys.

  2. Sweet Brandi You inspire me with your courage, strength, and survival skills!! Sending you love, light, and prayers that you will heal quickly. I am here for cooking, cleaning, laundry, baby sitting and of course….chocolate cake.

  3. My heart and prayers are with you. Your attitude and strength is amazing even in the most difficult times. Love you guys!!! So sorry for all you are going through.

  4. I had no idea any of this was going on! We love you guys and have always been so impressed with the both of you. We’re thinking of you and praying for you!

  5. The Lord has blessed you with faith & will continue to bless you both. Our prayers are with you both. You are an amazing couple. Love YOU, CHUCK & Barbara

  6. so sorry to hear what you are going through right now…such mixed feelings of joy with your precious baby and fear of health concerns for Brandi! You are in my thoughts and prayers for a good outcome with your tests. Your family is so loved, know a lot of faith and prayers are offered for you right now.

  7. Brandi is surrounding her baby with an enduring embrace that nourishes both body and spirit. Mothers and daughters, in some far-away place, promise with a sacred vow to lift each other eternally. Try every night to write the blessings you have learned. Their is greatness in such a document. We love your family and pray for the comfort of the spirit.

  8. It is hard to see Brandi suffer. She is a total sweetheart. We love you guys. Our prayers are with you. I know you guys will need help here and there so please call. Love you bro.

  9. My sweet girl. The words that best describe you Happy, love, righteous , faithful, courageous and most of all beautiful !! You always have my prayers, support but most of all my love!

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